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The Civil Defence Association is the only organisation in the United Kingdom which represents past and serving volunteers engaged in Civil Defence activities.

Our Mission

To provide an organisation for social interaction between people interested in, or currently or historically involved with Civil Defence.

To ensure that past Civil Defence activities and sacrifice are recorded, remembered and made available to this and future generations.

To provide information on the art and science of Civil Defence, and to encourage involvement with the community when there is need, be it small or large, especially as, but not limited to, a volunteer.

To actively encourage the young to become involved with supporting the community in time of need.

To assist former members of Civil Defence organisations and/or their dependents who are in need, and to aid in the obtaining of assistance from an appropriate source.

To represent the interests of the Association in dealings with other national and local organisations.

What is Civil Defence?
Civil Defence' is defined as being preparation for, and actual non-combatant assistance to individuals, groups or communities in need of immediate assistance as a result of natural or man-made events, whether war be declared or not. The assistance may include, but is not limited to, Rescue, Firefighting, First Aid, Shelter, Feeding, Communications, Nursing, Counseling and Befriending. It also includes the activities of organisation and support of assistance in these and similar areas. The term 'Civil Defence' is known as 'Civil Protection' by some organisations and in a number of other countries.

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Civil Defence Association Calendar

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