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George Cross

Civil Defence Volunteers - Roll of Honour 1/3

Recipients of the George Cross

“It is ordained that the Cross shall be awarded only for acts of the greatest heroism or of the most conspicuous courage in circumstances of extreme danger.”
Royal Warrant, 24 September 1940

Detachment Leader Thomas ALDERSON, ARP

“For sustained gallantry, enterprise and devotion to duty during enemy air raids.”

On three occasions, he rescued trapped people in Bridlington, East Yorkshire in 1940

Fireman Frederick DAVIES, National Fire Service
“With complete disregard of his own safety he made a most heroic attempt to rescue the two children.”
During a house fire in Neasden, NW London in August 1945, he attempted to rescue two trapped children, but sadly lost his life in doing so.

Fireman Harry ERRINGTON, Auxiliary Fire Service

“He showed great bravery and endurance in effecting the rescues, at the risk of his own life.”

During a bombing raid in September 1940, he rescued two trapped colleagues from a fire in Westminster, London.

Deputy Party Leader Leslie FOX, Heavy Rescue Service

“Fox performed his duty in a most gallant and determined manner.”

After a bombing raid in Fulham in 1944, he rescued a trapped man in a collapsed house

Staff Officer Roy HARRIS, ARP Engineers Service

“For conspicuous bravery in carrying out dangerous duties.”

For Bomb disposal work in Thornton Heath, Surrey in 1940

Section Leader Edward HEMING, Civil Defence Light Rescue Service

“Heming refused to abandon the victim and, with great gallantry and determination, successfully accomplished a task seemingly beyond human endurance.”

Rescued a priest from a bombed church in Bermondsey, London, March 1945.