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Civil Defence Memorial Grove - (i)

The Civil Defence Memorial Grove is situated at the National Memorial Arboretum, Alrewas, Staffordshire and was the first national memorial to record the work and sacrifice of World War Two Civil Defenders. Also included is the service of members of the Civil Defence Corps, Auxiliary Fire Service and others during the Cold War, and the animals who served alongside them during both periods.

The initiative for this Memorial came from the East Midlands Branch of the Institute of Civil Defence & Disaster Studies, led by Patrick Stanton, Chairman and a small dedicated team.

The Memorial stone is a 12 ton piece of Derbyshire gritstone. The ‘dog’ stone adjacent to it weighs 2 tons. The overall design reflects the International Civil Defence badge surrounded by a circle of Red Mallus with shrubs in the corners in the CD colours of Blue and Gold.

We Will Remember Them